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Fall in Portland – Urban Farming Update

Well, it’s almost Fall – just a few more days till Summer’s over. And I thought I’d share some of my recent thinking about Farm My Yard.

sunflowers in the garden 2013

I started this effort a few years ago – with the hopes that thousands of signs would pop up in yards all over Portland and then the world. I figured it would be an amazing way to increase the amount of food being grown in urban settings and have a profound effect on the world. So far, the effect has been somewhat minimal – and I’m kicking myself that I haven’t put more energy into the project.  I know somewhere down deep that if 100 signs were to be displayed, that would lead to some profound change. I imagine a world where we’re all spending more time growing our own food and helping each other learn how to get back to the garden 🙂

One thing that keeps ticking in my head is this – that if I had $1,000, I’d create the first batch of signs and hand them out at farmers’ markets.  I have the $ to do this, but sort of feel that it would be great to crowd-source the funds and the effort.  Because I don’t want this to be about me.  I want this to be about our common survival and a more interesting future.  So, I’m open to your thoughts.  How do you think we can get there?  Am I barking up the wrong tree?  Is there a way I haven’t thought of?  Do you want to be a part of this in some way?

I do have a donate button on this site – it leads directly to my bank account and so far I think $10 have been contributed.  Perhaps a Kickstarter is the way to go.  Perhaps it’s fine that this is going at the pace it is.  I guess time will tell if I’m on the right track or not 🙂  Thanks for listening.

your host, Albert Kaufman

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