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December Newsletter

Farm My Yard

December Newsletter with info about How to use to spread the word!  Learn about the Pollinator Parkway Movement December 2016 Greetings! I hope your Fall/Winter is going well. here’s our current newsletter. I wanted to write you a quick note about one way I think we can get Farm My Yard going with more people. That’s If you’re already a member of Nextdoor, you probably know what a potent tool for neighborhood organizing it is. If not, here’s a short article I wrote about it awhile back.  If you’re looking for someone to Farm your Yard – try posting on Nextdoor. If you’re looking to farm someone else’s yard – try posting on Nextdoor. Also, if you just want to encourage others in your neck of the woods to get busy ripping out their lawns and making the world more habitable for us and other species – post something…

Backyard Sharing

June 12th update

We are getting over 200 visits a day to this site which is wonderful and incredible. Now, I just need to find more people who will take signs and put them in their yards! I made Farm My Yard a big part of my recent newsletter, The Eleven, for June 2012 I’m working on an outline for prospective landowner/homeowners – to understand the types of relationships that might occur when they undertake to work with an urban farmer. I’m also working on a handbill for urban farmer types to walk the neighborhood with. Here’s the homeowner “article” so far. Feedback welcome!             Draft for homeowner/landowner – what to expect via Farm My Yard If you are a homeowner or someone who has a yard you’d like farmed, here are some ideas of how a relationship with an urban farmer might go. Let’s say you’ve decided that you want to have…