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Seed Balls

seed_bombsDYI Mini Clay Balls:

Perfect for wildflowers, guerilla gardening, or just throwing some seeds, seed balls were invented in Japan by famed organic guru Masanobu Fukuoka. The larges seed balls contain more seeds and are great for empty lots, but mini-seed balls are precise, easy to throw, and eliminates the competition inherent in mass plantings. Mini-seed balls are perfect for carrot, lettuce, radish, and other vegetable or carrot seeds, and can either be thrown or placed in a garden for easy “pelletized” seeding.


Flower/Vegetable seeds
Potter’s clay (Can be purchased in powder form) from any craft shop, or heavy clay soil
Peat-free compost
A bowl
A baking tray


Mix 3 parts clay and compost with one part seeds together until the substance reaches the consistency of play dough, adding water as necessary. Once the ingredients are mixed to a consistency where you can form balls, roll a dime size amount into a ball and let dry for at least three hours.

For an uncommon twist on seed balls, combine flowers and herbs together, or check out Horizon Herbs (‎) and get yourself some rare and medicinal seeds to make mini-herb seed balls.


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