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Portland Ecofilm Festival & Supreme Growers – Happy Summer from Farm My Yard!

Summer 2014 Update

Hi there,
I hope you’re having a great Summer.  I’ve been having fun this Summer – hearing of successful urban farming activities around the country and enjoying growing my first broccoli! Here is a small smattering of what’s come through the pipeline, recently.
I recently heard from Supreme Growers – and they’ve sent me some of their products to try and given us a sweet review on their website. They write: “Supreme Growers recently discovered the Farm My Yard movement and we love the initiative to help motivate and inspire communities in Portland and around the world to be urban gardeners. Supreme Growers is a new company created to help new and veteran gardeners grow the healthiest plants they can without using harsh chemicals that damage the environment. We are on a mission to help educate everyone on the benefits of growing your own plants and to prove that gardening is accessible to everyone. We believe in sustainability and understand that what we put in our soils affects the quality of the food and flowers we grow. We are excited to be a part of the movement and we are donating some of our gardening kits and concentrated pods to the cause!  We look forward to helping spread the word! To learn more about us visit
There’s a great Portland Ecofilm Festival going on right now at the Hollywood Theater. Thanks to the organizer, Dawn Smallman, last night I got the chance to see a really neat short film about growing food on a giant Brooklyn Rooftop = Brooklyn Farmer – check out the trailer, here. If you’d like to come and see any of the upcoming films – please send me word and I’ll see if I can get you tickets. We are one of the supporting organizations of the film festival. Also, keep an eye out on the Farm My Yard fan page, as I’ve been offering the free tickets via a simple posting, there 🙂  
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I hear from people almost every day from around the world who are curious about Farm My Yard – how to do it, how to meet people who’d be interested in farming their yards, etc. Farm My Yard to me is a very DIY process – one can take the information from the website and run with it. I’m still working on creating an app for the program, but for now, it’s a matter of putting up a sign, and/or sourcing a place to farm for yourself via the hand-out on the home page of the website. If you have any energy to take this project to another level (printing out signs; working on the fan page; website, etc.) – please get in touch!
Here’s to all the progress we’re making in getting more yards farmed.  Or, as my friend, Marcia, says – more Fards Yarmed! If you have news to announce or would like to share pictures of your success, please send them back to me @ – also, I make a living teaching social media and email marketing – if you’re in the Portlandia area – please come to an upcoming class (see below) and say hi!  
I hope your Summer gardening is going well!
Albert Kaufman
Portlandia, Oreganic!


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