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June 12th update

We are getting over 200 visits a day to this site which is wonderful and incredible. Now, I just need to find more people who will take signs and put them in their yards!

I made Farm My Yard a big part of my recent newsletter, The Eleven, for June 2012

I’m working on an outline for prospective landowner/homeowners – to understand the types of relationships that might occur when they undertake to work with an urban farmer.

I’m also working on a handbill for urban farmer types to walk the neighborhood with.

Here’s the homeowner “article” so far. Feedback welcome!

            Draft for homeowner/landowner – what to expect via Farm My Yard

If you are a homeowner or someone who has a yard you’d like farmed, here are some ideas of how a relationship with an urban farmer might go.

Let’s say you’ve decided that you want to have your yard farmed.  You put out a Farm My Yard sign in a place that is visible from the street. If you’re not home a lot, you might include your phone number or email address.

Soon, hopefully, you’ll hear from someone – either via an email, phone call or a knock on the door. I’d recommend inviting them in for a cup of tea.  If you can have one of the agreements from the Farm My Yard website handy, that might help guide the conversation.  If not, some topics to go over would be:

1. when the farmer will have access to the yard – always? sometimes? When?

2. preferred method of communication between the parties – email, phone, a knock on the door?

3. who will pay for what? will the costs be shared, or will the homeowner pay for start-up costs and water, and the farmer for seeds and starts?

In conversation with the urban farmer you might ask some questions such as:

1. do you have gardening experience, if so – how much?

2. do you live nearby (we encourage you to find someone who lives in walking distance to your house)

3. are you interested in growing food for yourself, or for sale, or some combination thereof?  Is the farmer open to the alternative/combination that excites you?

Security – by having someone farming your yard it probably lessens the chance that your house will be burgled because someone will be on site more often.

…to be continued! And, for now, please come visit our Fan Page on Facecrack and say howdy!


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