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iFarm: a great farm land resource for Oregonians wishing to farm


This is a great way to find land in Oregon available to farm! It’s called the iFarm program! Enjoy!

How iFarm Works

To contact any of the landowners or farmers on iFarm, you must first complete a questionnaire describing your opportunity (for landholders) or your goals, experience, and plans (for landseekers). Once completed and approved, this information is entered into our online database (online and pdf questionnaires are below) and you may then contact any of our iFarm participants.

To search our database, click on the link above, then select the type of iFarm participant you are looking for and click either “View Listings” or “Advanced Search Options.” “View Listings” displays every listing in the category that you’ve checked and “Advanced Search Options ” allows you to narrow your search by region. Listings are displayed in order from oldest first to newest at the end.

To contact a participant, go to their listing and click on the words “click here” at the bottom of the page, under the “Tools” heading. That generates an email to We will then give that participant your contact information and let them know that you would like to speak with them. It is up to them to contact you back.

Qualifications: Anyone who is serious about finding or offering land to farm may participate, so long as we understand that they do currently, and intend to continue to, abide by all applicable ordinances and laws.

Confidentiality: iFarm never displays our members contact information publicly or shares it with other organizations, and we do not give out this information to other participants without your express permission.

Current Listings: All listings on iFarm are active, to the best of our knowledge, regardless of the date they were created.
Fee: iFarm is a free service, although we encourage participants to become members of Friends of Family Farmers.


Either fill out this online form, or print our pdf application form in English or Spanish and mail it to ATTN: iFarm * Friends of Family Farmers * PO Box 1286 * Molalla, OR 97038. You can also request this form in an editable Word Doc by emailing
Check out additional resources that will help you to start farming.
Also find out about FarmON!, the Oregon chapter of the National Young Farmers Coalition, on Facebook.


Either fill out this online form, or print our pdf landholder application and mail it to ATTN: iFarm * Friends of Family Farmers * PO Box 1286 * Molalla, OR 97038. You can also request this form in an editable Word Doc by emailing

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  1. Andrew Thurston

    Thurston Farm Project 07-20-2015

    Dear Friends,

    I am looking for a farmer or family of farmers who would like to be a part of a Small Farm Project here in Lane County. My Farmers Cottage, with 2 greenhouses, is being vacated this month and I would like to rent it to an experienced farmer who has a tractor, who has capital available, with a business plan and who wants to work on 2 to 5 acres. The cottage is a cheerful, modest, two bedroom charmer in a country setting. Future shared ownership is a possibility.

    The long term project for the property includes some or all of these project concepts.

    1) A Producing Farm — Eight Acres
    2) A Farm School — Basic Farming, Basic Construction, Basic Life Skills.
    3) A Farm Research Facility — Develop High Yield Techniques, Innovative Products
    4) A Helping Project — Build & Ship Tiny Houses to Homeless People, Food for Food Banks

    The Property …. Eight Remaining Acres of a previous 120 acre farm with the following amenities:
    One-Large 100 year old updated Farm House …. Two–modest updated cottages …. Two–Commercial Green Houses …. Two –2“ Agricultural Wells …. One– Deep Water Well …. One–dozen new and old orchard trees …. Several–Out buildings and sheds …. Four Feet Deep– Sandy Loam Soil.

    My name is Andrew Thurston and I have been living here on this historic family heirloom property for the last 5 years as I have repaired and eliminated deferred maintenance from the last 50 years. The projects will never be “done” but the property is ready for it’s next phase. My business background is as a Residential Designer/Builder for30 years and a Real Estate Professional for 15 years. I spent my early summers here working with my Grandmother on her small dairy operation so I have deep roots on this land. I look forward to participating in and facilitating the next collaborative phase of this little historic farm.

    Thank you for your review and thoughts on this project.

    Sincerely, Andrew Leigh Thurston 541-654-3622

    Hard Work, accompanied by: Singing, Dancing, Laughter, Good Food, Art and Education.

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