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December Newsletter

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December Newsletter with info about How to use to spread the word!  Learn about the Pollinator Parkway Movement December 2016 Greetings! I hope your Fall/Winter is going well. here’s our current newsletter. I wanted to write you a quick note about one way I think we can get Farm My Yard going with more people. That’s If you’re already a member of Nextdoor, you probably know what a potent tool for neighborhood organizing it is. If not, here’s a short article I wrote about it awhile back.  If you’re looking for someone to Farm your Yard – try posting on Nextdoor. If you’re looking to farm someone else’s yard – try posting on Nextdoor. Also, if you just want to encourage others in your neck of the woods to get busy ripping out their lawns and making the world more habitable for us and other species – post something…

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New from the Urban Farm: Podcasts

The Urban Farm I was interviewed by Greg Peterson of The Urban Farm in Phoenix, Arizona.  He’s great. I hope you decide to check out his upcoming free webinar series starting June 1st. I’ll (Albert) be featured on an upcoming podcast at the end of May.  More on that to follow. My friend Greg Peterson is an urban farmer in Phoenix, Arizona. He’s an educator and longtime food­grower offering a webinar coming up soon called 3 Simple Steps To Grow Fruits And Veggies For A Healthier Life (click HERE for more information). He has dedicated his life to learning how to grow healthy, nutrient­ dense food and transforming the global food system. He is one of the leaders in the Food Revolution and I absolutely love what he does. Below is an article that he wrote about a day on his farm: “There is something to eat in my yard…

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From the Dallas Observer, 9.30.15 Link to article and comments. My first inkling that America’s lawn obsession might not be terribly healthy came around 1995. We’d just moved into a new house in Far North Dallas, and 10- or 11-year-old me decided that the next-door neighbor’s lawn — green and smooth and as flawless as a golf-course fairway with manicured grass to cushion falls — was the perfect spot for football. The neighbor, a hard-nosed high school track coach, promptly ran us off and upbraided my father for letting me trespass. This struck me as backward. What good was such cushiony grass if not for play? At the time, I chalked this up to my neighbor being an uptight jerk, an assessment I stand by. But that explanation is incomplete in that it overlooks the bigger picture: Lawns are awful. This conclusion is admittedly self-serving. Two years ago, in one…

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Plug and Play Gardens Brings Ancient Irrigation to Portland, Oregon – Ollas!

Ollas Hello to the Farm My Yard community. Albert has very graciously invited me to share information about an amazing irrigation technique—called an Olla—with all of you. First of all, I should introduce myself. My name is Luisa and I have a company called Plug and Play Gardens, which offers earth-friendly solutions to organic gardeners. Second, I should answer the most frequently asked question, “What’s an Olla?” An Olla is a porous clay pot. Using an Olla is really simple. You bury the pot in the ground, fill it with water and then plant flowers and vegetables around the pot. The Olla slowly releases water into the surrounding soil, irrigating your plants slowly over time. There are lots of reasons to use Ollas especially here in Portland where we have long, dry summer. Putting Ollas in your garden means that you’ll use less water and that you’ll have to water…


Farm My Yard T-shirt Designs

New T-Shirt Design for Farm My Yard We started with a neat design (see original below) and are now down to picking from these 6.  If you have a favorite, please leave your comments in the comment section below. I hope to have t-shirt available for ordering by the end of 2014 or start of 2015. Thanks to Kevin of KMF Illustration for his incredible work on this design!  

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Rogue Farm Corps – Training the Next Generation of Farmers and Ranchers

“Hi all — I’m sending along a little promo for Rogue Farm Corps’ experiential on-farm internships available for 2015 on family farm operations in Oregon (including our new Portland-area chapter). If you know any individuals or groups/lists that might be interested in this, please pass along as you see appropriate. Many thanks in helping to spread the word about these opportunities for aspiring farmers!” -Matt New Farmers Needed. Be one in a million— Join Rogue Farm Corps in 2015! Applications are now open for positions throughout Oregon. FarmsNext is an entire season of hands-on training and skill-based education in sustainable agriculture for aspiring farmers and ranchers. This immersive on-farm experience combines field training with a mentor farmer, classroom learning with agricultural professionals and expert farmers, tours of local farms, and opportunities for farm-based independent study. Positions available on a diverse network of commercial family farms in four communities across Oregon….

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Portland Ecofilm Festival & Supreme Growers – Happy Summer from Farm My Yard!

Summer 2014 Update Hi there, I hope you’re having a great Summer.  I’ve been having fun this Summer – hearing of successful urban farming activities around the country and enjoying growing my first broccoli! Here is a small smattering of what’s come through the pipeline, recently. I recently heard from Supreme Growers – and they’ve sent me some of their products to try and given us a sweet review on their website. They write: “Supreme Growers recently discovered the Farm My Yard movement and we love the initiative to help motivate and inspire communities in Portland and around the world to be urban gardeners. Supreme Growers is a new company created to help new and veteran gardeners grow the healthiest plants they can without using harsh chemicals that damage the environment. We are on a mission to help educate everyone on the benefits of growing your own plants and to prove that gardening is accessible to everyone. We…