Backyard Sharing


One of the parts of Farm My Yard that I’m continuing to learn about is encouraging people to get help with their yards. Yes, it’s about someone else in your yard digging in the dirt, but there are a million different relationships that could come from having someone over – clearing blackberries, planting fruit and nut trees, figuring out how to water the area sustainably, composting, etc. I am finding that one of the blocks to people trying this out is their unwillingness to invite someone else to be a part of their domain, to ask for and/or accept help. Seems a typical problem we have in general in our society. I look forward to the day when more people are sourcing resources from each other, sharing work and escaping our isolation. I imagine it might take us a while, but it feels more tribal, more juicy, more interesting, and more fun. Help me spread this?

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