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My friend, Brenda in South Tabor writes:

Sample Craig’s List ad:

CL > Services Offered > Farm and Garden Services

Have you heard of the new “FARM MY YARD” movement?

Do you wish you had a garden?

Is gardening space limited for you?

Do you want to grow your own vegetables or pick something fresh from your or garden?

*** I have GARDENING SPACE in the South Tabor area that I would like to share with you to farm/cultivate to your heart’s content!
I am interested in developing a gardening partnership in trade for the space. There are many flower beds (some raised) with room available and an entire area behind the garage that can be used. The virgin soil is poison and pesticide free. I have soaker hoses and tools.

Interested? Read on…

We are hoping to develop a partnership with a wonderful, community oriented neighbor who likes to garden, and may be interested in growing their own food, but does not have the space. I’m gifted with the space, but limited with time due to a fully stretched lifestyle. Perhaps we could create a friendship where we occasionally garden together… Oh, the thought of picking some fresh lettuce, kale, chard, cucumbers, or tomatoes sounds wonderful to me. Wanna catch a game of ping pong after some hard work? How about having a nice, peaceful back yard to read in while the garden is growing…something your simple apartment doesn’t offer, as we harvest our meals.

The thought of sharing this adventure with a nearby college student, young adult, or wise peaceful mentor who doesn’t have space to garden, but wishes they could, sounds fun. We are an active, friendly, family, open to designing a relationship that provides opportunities that as individuals we have not been able to actualize. We can cultivate, nurture, water, and fertilize this idea, growing it in a way that is mutually beneficial, rewarding, and fun.

If you are interested, please send me a short e-mail with a few sentences that summarize some points of interest about you. Here are some ideas:

· How would your friends describe you?

· What are your values, interests, and/or passions?

· What do you have in mind?

Looking forward to harvesting with you!

Farm my yard is an idea from my friend Albert. Feel free to visit his website at:

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