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I’ve realized all along that each Farm My Yard connection is going to be different. Some will be fantastic, some will not be. Here is one from SE Portlandia that was so-so.  But I think it’s important to note some of the outcomes so we all become more aware of the types of situations that can arise.  Albert, Farm My Yard

“I didn’t take pictures of the garden. I just hired last year’s “share cropper”, today, to plant for me, so I can take pictures of the new garden, but it isn’t part of the original deal of her share cropping with me. I don’t feel comfortable about a radio interview for a number of reasons. But, mostly, because it didn’t quite work out perfectly. The woman who decided to share crop with me had one major goal, to plant a corn crop. But, it turned out there wasn’t enough sun in the yard, so, after many hours of working on the rest of the garden, she gave up the project. I paid her for her time and gave her some produce and then got someone who wanted to take over the watering from there. It turned out to be fairly expensive for me, between buying the plants and watering and paying for her time. She had a good time and put a lot of extra time and love into it and we became friendly. So, it was a fine situation, but not ideal and not exactly what I had intended. If I had a more tight budget, it could have been a hardship for me, but I was able to pay for her time and it was nice to have the garden. (although, I probably wouldn’t have chosen to spend that much money to bother putting in a garden if I had known it would turn out that way, up front). I didn’t want to have to be caring for the garden, and it could have been abandoned, but, it turned out that one of my own flute student decided that he wanted to take over the care of the garden. He took it on as a meditation and daily commitment. He didn’t even take much produce from the garden. He just enjoyed coming by to water. So, it all worked out okay. If the sun had been right for the corn crop, I’m sure my original share cropper person would have continued caring for the garden. But, as they say “life happens” and things change.

In retrospect, I may try this out again sometime in the future – at a home that has better sun access. I’ll be moving at the end of June, so there is no way to begin a major garden project for this summer. I’ve hired the share cropper to clean out the old garden and put in a few veggies that will be edible before I move at the end of June. I knew she would appreciate the work and I thought it would be nice to get to eat some fresh peas, so it is a win-win.”
 Homeowner, SE Portlandia, 3.19.14
Farm My Yard

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