A list of resources connected with Farmmyyard.org

  1. Food Not Lawns – a movement, and a great book by Heather Flores that provides background on how to make it all happen. Start here!
  2. GrowPortland – Empowering our community to grow healthy food.
  3. FoodHub – FoodHub gathers professional food buyers, wholesale producers, distributors and industry suppliers in one dynamic community.
  4. Friends of Family Farmers Promoting and Protecting Socially Responsible Farming in Oregon.
  5. SPIN-Farming http://www.spinfarming.com/ create an income-producing farm in your (or someone else’s) yard.
  6. FoodPool in Oakland, CA – FB page:  At FoodPool, we see the “problem” of excess garden abundance as an opportunity! It is an opportunity to help provide people in need with fresh, ripe, homegrown produce. The only obstacle lies in linking growers with their hungry neighbors. Our answer is “FoodPooling.”
  7. Seattle Urban Farm Company – started early in the spring of 2007. It was created find the answer to one simple question: Does anybody need help setting up a vegetable garden?Great resources, and interesting looking book on backyard farming.
  8. iFarm: a great resource for people looking for farm land and those wishing to offer farm land in Oregon!
  9. Rogue Farm Corps also, blog post on this site @ here