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Seeking urban farmer in NE PDX

From: Marcia Danab <> @ 5715 NE 48th Ave., last housing the left of dead end street off of NE Killingsworth. Garden space to share:  Have you heard of the new “FARM MY YARD” movement? Do you wish you had a garden? *** I have GARDENING SPACE in the Ainsworth Street Collective area of the Cully Neighborhood that would like to share with you to farm/cultivate to your heart’s content! I am interested in developing a gardening partnership in trade for the space. There is a large, sunny area in my back yard (south and west exposure), several raised beds and trellises to support peas and beans. The garden area is tilled and ready for bedding down for spring planting. Only organic gardening methods used here for the past 10 years. I am hoping to develop a partnership with a wonderful, community oriented neighbor or neighbors who like to garden, and may…

Backyard Sharing, Farm My Yard, Frontyard Sharing, Growing food, Measure 80, Taking a Stand, Urban Farming

Measure 80 – Vote Yes – Marijuana Legalization in Oregon

I just put hemp protein powder in my smoothie. I wear hemp pants (and love them). As a farmer, I’d love to be able to grown my own and share it with friends. Let’s get some sensible marijuana legalization and hemp legalization going here in Oregon – vote yes, and encourage your friends to, also. Thank you! Here are some useful links An article I just wrote for BlueOregon on the topic. Clips from Legalize It, a film about Proposition 19. Oregonians for Law Reform  - their excellent cover photos for Facebook – pick one and display it proudly! Measure 80 Campaign Website – lend a hand or money if you can!