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Well, Fall is here at Farm My Yard HQ. It’s been a great Summer. Now we’re picking squash, cucumbers, melons, chard, kale and tomatoes. Thinking of what to plant. What would you plant this time of year in the Pacific Northwest?  I had a great time last night at a Center for Earth Leadership event. They are a great organization that offers a number of programs. The one I took last year was an Agent of Change class – partially how I got the umpf to put this site and project together, actually.  I got to hear Neil Kelly speak – he and his firm are leaders in sustainability and he’s been at it for years. A very inspiring speaker. Have a great Fall.  Who needs a sign!  I’ve given away 3 in the last 2 weeks.  Still more available and now is a great time to have someone help…

Backyard Sharing, Contributions, Donations, Farm My Yard, Frontyard Sharing, Growing food, Urban Farming, Yard Signs


We just got our first financial contribution from Derek Grant – so sweet, thank you, Derek! If you’d like to contribute to the cause donations are welcome! There’s a handy PayPal link on the right side of the page. Your contributions will be used to further the cause – I promise! It’s been a fun summer of farming, and answering a lot of questions about what Farm My Yard is about.  I’m also continuing to flesh that out in my own mind and am looking for a couple $ grand to get some signs printed out and take this idea for a spin. I hope you had a great Summer! Albert Kaufman Farm My Yard