Backyard Sharing


One of the parts of Farm My Yard that I’m continuing to learn about is encouraging people to get help with their yards. Yes, it’s about someone else in your yard digging in the dirt, but there are a million different relationships that could come from having someone over – clearing blackberries, planting fruit and nut trees, figuring out how to water the area sustainably, composting, etc. I am finding that one of the blocks to people trying this out is their unwillingness to invite someone else to be a part of their domain, to ask for and/or accept help. Seems a typical problem we have in general in our society. I look forward to the day when more people are sourcing resources from each other, sharing work and escaping our isolation. I imagine it might take us a while, but it feels more tribal, more juicy, more interesting, and more fun….

Farm My Yard

Brenda’s CL Ad

Brenda’s CL ad reads: Do you wish you had a garden? Is gardening space limited for you? Do you want to grow your own vegetables or pick something fresh from your own garden? I have gardening space in the South Tabor area that I would like to share with you to farm/cultivate to your hearts content! I am interested in developing a gardening partnership in trade for the space. There are many flower beds (some raised) with room available and an entire area behind the garage that can be used. The virgin soil is poison and pesticide free. I have soaker hoses and tools. If you are interested, please send me a short e-mail with a few sentences that summarize some points of interest about you. Here are some ideas: · How would your friends describe you? · What are your values, interests, and/or passions? · What do you have…

Backyard Sharing

5.15.12 Update

This project could lead in so many different directions. For a homeowner it could lead to finding someone to help plant a tree, or other yard work. It could lead to the complete permaculturing of the entire landscape and anything in between.  For both the homeowner and the urban farmer it could lead to food, learning, payment, new friends, community and many other things. I am so excited at how Farm My Yard is shaping up. The project is barely 2 weeks old and already we’re having over 150 people a day visiting the website and so many people are writing in with thoughts, offers of help and suggestions for where this could go. I have a great feeling of “being onto something”. One of the differences with this project is that it is not just an on-line presence as many backyard farming efforts are.  The intention here is…